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Changelog (0.01f)

0.01g (14/06/2016)

++ Added "Home" button (users).

0.01f (09/09/2015)

++ Added Changelog.

0.01e (08/09/2015)

++ Added period selection.
++ Added "Reset" button.
++ Added "Settings" button (users).
++ Auto refresh map with settable timer.
++ Remember current map position/zoom on refresh.

0.01d (03/09/2015)

++ Added counters to station type filter.
-- Removed old status bar from the map.

0.01c (08/08/2015)

++ Map colors fully customized.
++ Added station type filter.

0.01b (02/08/2015)

++ Added Maidenhead Locatator grid.
++ Added colored labels to identify diffrent station types.

0.01a (31/07/2015)

++ Basic map with station icons.
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